I left my heart…

Nov 14 2011

Planet KJ has lately been spotted orbiting the delightful hamlet of San Francisco…more to come.

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Life is Good

Jun 23 2011

I have a lot to be thankful for. Amazing friends and family, true love and support around me. Opportunities to travel the world for a living, getting called to ever further-flung sites across the globe, to help build community and culture. To have FUN for a LIVING…this is what I do.

It is not always easy. It’s hard, in fact. Right now, for me, there’s no home base. I am blessed (I think I mentioned this) to have a lot of support, I am not homeless. I just don’t have a home either. My world is always around me, this whole crazy this is Planet KJ…but I’m just saying that the constant motion, the whiplash and the whirl, it’s gets disorienting and sometimes it seems I have to try extra hard just to stay even and grounded. I do best when I get grounded in the motion…and mustn’t think too much on the dizzying nature of THAT choice…

In a few days I am heading off the Austria, for the culmination of a year’s worth of preparation. Must gather my performance wits about me and put my show face on, more than I ever have. But we ARE preparing to have a good time too. It’s literally one task at a time as I prepare for this adventure and the 2 or 3 after that, I think we’ll come up for air in October. Until then…

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Hello Blog

Mar 10 2011

We don’t talk much, but I know you’re there. I know I’ve left you lonely.

It’s just that I’ve been kind of busy. There’s lots of scheming to do. There’s curves to stay ahead of, if you know what I mean.

I’ll have more for you, I promise. I want this to work out. Sometimes I just have to do things my way, crazy as they may seem.

For now…may I introduce you to Flambe, the flaming waitress?

KJ as Flambé

Did someone want it hot?

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KJ’s Whirled

Dec 03 2010

WHOOSH…and back to Cape Town.  Actually, that was two weeks ago.  Back to work is good, but my head alternately spins and aches with schemes, dreams, plans, and ambitions…and rarely an off switch to be found, but still breezy check boxes.

Planning hardcore with J on a major adventure…Austria 2011…I do so love adventures!

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Beautiful Days…beautiful daze…

Oct 13 2010

This season is treating me well as far as travel goes. The greater Santa Cruz area will be my home for the next month or two, and I’ve been trying to buckle down and get ready for the chilly, wet autumn of coastal NorCal…but the late summer gorgeousness just won’t quit! Poor, poor me…had a most amazing time in San Francisco last weekend, saw family and friends, rocked hard at SF Decompression, and STILL somehow had time to laze in that incredible sun-dappled shade that only the city on a lovely day can provide. It just won’t quit, and the Santa Cruz Farmer’s Market is beckoning, with its juicy wares shining in the sun, from outside this tea house where I am *trying* to get something done…

Sometimes I can work myself up in such a flurry of need-to-do’s and get-’er-dun’s that I actually propel myself into paralysis. Now, for example. There’s what needs to be done…and what I want to get done on top of that…and I can barely manage past a fresh to-do list each day. My checkboxes are open, drafty even. I always get stuck in the strategizing part…trying to make it all fit perfectly into some pattern that means nothing to anyone except me. And then I lose track of the pattern, and the sun sets, and tomorrow morning the checkboxes are still drafty.

I’d yell “FOCUS!” to myself, but really…it all does seem terribly important, and terribly RIGHT NOW. I hate to set aside the other things to work on one, but nothing is getting done…and whoops, blogging doesn’t even have a checkbox right now.

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Hot…bothered…not like that, get your mind out of the gutter.

Sep 28 2010

Halfway through a 2-week LA trip…a vacation home, it’s really weird. Perhaps 3/4 through the post-playa meltdown where you can’t integrate into society properly. Good times in Lala!

I’ve been thinking about this site and this whole blog thing. I want to do more of it. Planet KJ, world o’ fun, excitement, travel, living out of bags, relying on the goodwill of friends and sheer luck…it’s a whirligag laff riot on this here hunk of spacerock!

So we’ll see how it goes and what develops. I have a few schemes to chase around. If I could stir to gather a thought in my head for the heat…holy baked brains batman, the heat is HOT. So glad C’s house and C & C’s basement hold the cool well…again with the goodwill of friends. Can’t wait to vacate to the mountains.

And bothered, well…not the sexy kind alas. There’s so much to figure out, a lot at stake…feels like the spinning-plates-on-long-sticks-while-doing-tightrope-on-a-unicycle act, if you know what I mean?

….ok, YES, it was a circus metaphor. I am a carnie after all, what do you want?

I should call it Circus KJ. In my head. All in my head. Wheee, pass the popcorn!

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I Do

Apr 26 2010

Following my volcano-induced delay in the US, I promptly relaxed for several days and then turned my mind to the loose ends and unfinished business that is facing me. That volcano saved me from a total mental breakdown, and the rest and time at home with my peeps is exactly what I really needed. Six more days in LaLa…

Today I’m Do-in’ it, seeing the new Do LaB HQ in Venice for the first time. This summer marks the 10-year anniversary of my friendship and association with the hooligan superheroes who lead the Do LaB today. Some of my favorites. I am so proud of them, and so honored to be a part of what they Do in any capacity.

I will be back in Cape Town, but if at the end of May you can find yourself to SoCal, you should be catching some lightning!

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Live from…everywhere!

Mar 30 2010

Just in time for the launch of my little world, I fly back across the globe again…and I’m definitely spinning. Thanks to fictiontech.net for the beautiful site! More to come in time…what do you think of my world so far?

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