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Hot…bothered…not like that, get your mind out of the gutter.

Sep 28 2010 Published by kj under Uncategorized

Halfway through a 2-week LA trip…a vacation home, it’s really weird. Perhaps 3/4 through the post-playa meltdown where you can’t integrate into society properly. Good times in Lala!

I’ve been thinking about this site and this whole blog thing. I want to do more of it. Planet KJ, world o’ fun, excitement, travel, living out of bags, relying on the goodwill of friends and sheer luck…it’s a whirligag laff riot on this here hunk of spacerock!

So we’ll see how it goes and what develops. I have a few schemes to chase around. If I could stir to gather a thought in my head for the heat…holy baked brains batman, the heat is HOT. So glad C’s house and C & C’s basement hold the cool well…again with the goodwill of friends. Can’t wait to vacate to the mountains.

And bothered, well…not the sexy kind alas. There’s so much to figure out, a lot at stake…feels like the spinning-plates-on-long-sticks-while-doing-tightrope-on-a-unicycle act, if you know what I mean?

….ok, YES, it was a circus metaphor. I am a carnie after all, what do you want?

I should call it Circus KJ. In my head. All in my head. Wheee, pass the popcorn!

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