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Life is Good

Jun 23 2011 Published by kj under Uncategorized

I have a lot to be thankful for. Amazing friends and family, true love and support around me. Opportunities to travel the world for a living, getting called to ever further-flung sites across the globe, to help build community and culture. To have FUN for a LIVING…this is what I do.

It is not always easy. It’s hard, in fact. Right now, for me, there’s no home base. I am blessed (I think I mentioned this) to have a lot of support, I am not homeless. I just don’t have a home either. My world is always around me, this whole crazy this is Planet KJ…but I’m just saying that the constant motion, the whiplash and the whirl, it’s gets disorienting and sometimes it seems I have to try extra hard just to stay even and grounded. I do best when I get grounded in the motion…and mustn’t think too much on the dizzying nature of THAT choice…

In a few days I am heading off the Austria, for the culmination of a year’s worth of preparation. Must gather my performance wits about me and put my show face on, more than I ever have. But we ARE preparing to have a good time too. It’s literally one task at a time as I prepare for this adventure and the 2 or 3 after that, I think we’ll come up for air in October. Until then…

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