Beautiful Days…beautiful daze…

Oct 13 2010

This season is treating me well as far as travel goes. The greater Santa Cruz area will be my home for the next month or two, and I’ve been trying to buckle down and get ready for the chilly, wet autumn of coastal NorCal…but the late summer gorgeousness just won’t quit! Poor, poor me…had a most amazing time in San Francisco last weekend, saw family and friends, rocked hard at SF Decompression, and STILL somehow had time to laze in that incredible sun-dappled shade that only the city on a lovely day can provide. It just won’t quit, and the Santa Cruz Farmer’s Market is beckoning, with its juicy wares shining in the sun, from outside this tea house where I am *trying* to get something done…

Sometimes I can work myself up in such a flurry of need-to-do’s and get-’er-dun’s that I actually propel myself into paralysis. Now, for example. There’s what needs to be done…and what I want to get done on top of that…and I can barely manage past a fresh to-do list each day. My checkboxes are open, drafty even. I always get stuck in the strategizing part…trying to make it all fit perfectly into some pattern that means nothing to anyone except me. And then I lose track of the pattern, and the sun sets, and tomorrow morning the checkboxes are still drafty.

I’d yell “FOCUS!” to myself, but really…it all does seem terribly important, and terribly RIGHT NOW. I hate to set aside the other things to work on one, but nothing is getting done…and whoops, blogging doesn’t even have a checkbox right now.

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